First baby blanket


In the making….

Sewing might be the one thing that teaches me an attribute I am not known for. Patience. It takes massive reserves of will-power for me to stop what I am doing and not aim to finish every project in a single setting. It's not realistic, it takes some of the fun out, and it ignores... Continue Reading →

30-minute pouch

  Here is where I should have anticipated the raw edges and dealt with it before sewing the zipper on. The interfacing was too thick to manage this on the fly too, which is great for the final product -- super sturdy, but was not helpful in the initial step of sewing the zipper on.... Continue Reading →

Getting better

This is a prettier fabric than I've worked with before. I used a pattern to measure. I quilted patiently. I took my time -- 4 sittings to finish this and I enjoyed every moment. I think it shows. Though I can already think of improvements. Onward!

Gussetted pouch

Quick weeknight project after dinner that taught me more lessons than I would have thought. Made a tiny pouch with boxed corners, which were not easy to sew. Also: Serging the ends, especially with synthetic fabrics. My liner was not cotton and would have benefited from the ends being protected. It's not as robust as... Continue Reading →

Quilted tote

Finally standardizing (and making easier) the process of making totes. I now have a pre-cut pattern and everything! This one I quilted the outside with a sew-on interfacing. It's still not as rigid as one might want. Next attempt will be with fusible.

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