Tote bag pattern

Finally a tote bag pattern to file away. It's a mish-mash of a couple of tutorials, but works until I find a better one. Material: Inner and outer fabric: 18x34 for a medium tote, 22x40 for large Handles: Four strips of fabric, each 2/3 of tote length (divide longer measurement above by half) How: For... Continue Reading →


Sewing projects

Some projects so far.. I have to come back and write down patterns for the wristlet and eyeglass case. I doubt I will repeat the diaper case pattern (made for a friend) and the frock (a friend's daughter) again.

Winter adventures in sewing

I've been whiling away winter evenings by picking up sewing again. Made the easiest fabric coasters in the world: It still surprises me how it's not always obvious (at least to me) how to deconstruct a finished piece and figure out how it was made. Am slowly learning that most stitching seems to involve working... Continue Reading →

2017 garden round-up

I've been remiss in tending to this blog, but the garden did very well indeed. Now everything is frozen and I am not yet ready to think of next year's experiments. For now, it's cold outside and cozy inside, and am enjoying the absence of a long list of to-do's in the yard.

Vegetables update

Learning to contain my impatience as I watch plants growing is never easy for me. But the long beans have exceeded expectations, and I am already planning a more permanent spot for them in my garden for the next year. The flowers are bewitching, a pale lavender shade. I've also seen a couple bright red... Continue Reading →

Rabbits, Deer and other troublesome things.

I've had coneflowers, coreopsis bitten off this year already. Last week, L and I erected cages around coneflowers, only to find them eaten despite being encased. Lily bulbs have not only been gnawed, but are entirely missing so¬† groundhogs/squirrels I expect. Have to try a mixture of sprays as well as planting deterrent plants. Not... Continue Reading →

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