Crossbody 2 and 3

I used a heavier duck fabric for this regular sized bag — it was bulkier than I would have liked, but worked out in the end!

Also, my trusty Singer. How I love you!

Smaller bag(s). The one on the right was abandoned because this bright light forgot to draw the zipper IN before sewing around the sides… Oh well.

A 3-year old cutie was made quite happy with the blue bag this week.

Also, fat quarters are the blouse pieces of America.




This is, and always will be, the garden of my dreams.

Built and tended to by my mum, watered by my dad, the lushness of the Tropics that is hard to find elsewhere, the Madras Earth, that old water well, the absence of the water-wasting manicured lawn, tree stumps with history,… it’s all beauty that tugs at my being.

crown of thorns in the background, portulaca and curry leaves in the foreground
rose periwinke and portulaca, and a burst of cannas in the back
portulaca — one of our favorite flowers. modest, lush, lovely.




“nitya kalyani” – rose periwinkle
Purslane, effortlessly flowering


“arali” – oleander — a much cherished flower at home.
“gundu malli’ – jasmine


the palm that travelled with us across states
“arali” plumeria, but look at the background of “vaadamalli”


Is this related to taro or colacasia?
crown of thorns


“vaadamalli” – globe amaranth
“chembarathi” – tropical hibiscus


Dates + Almond = delicious

I made a quick sugarbomb snack which still manages to be healthy because….dates. The most amazing fruit ever.

Start with 1 cup raw almonds and a pack of baking dates.

I prepped the almonds two ways: hand chopped or blitzed in the mixer. The former is better.

Tried mixing in a bowl.

It didn’t work. Don’t try it.

Try a rolling pin with a sheet of plastic instead.

Press. Roll. Top. Press. Reveal.

Cut. Eat.

Left with all this, so you don’t need one cup of nuts to begin with.

But you can always make more.

Solitude and me

I had a rare solitary two days this past weekend. No classes to give, no lessons to take, no husband to banter with, nothing that demanded my attention or my time but myself.

How sweet it is.

I read three books, watched two movies, played games on my phone, napped, did what felt like a dozen loads of laundry but was actually four, attended to household chores ignored in the past few weeks, enjoyed the snowfall, ate pizza, made a tote bag for my little niece, and I still feel incredibly well-rested.

I have not spoken so few words in a long, long time.

These little babies grew indoors this weekend, as I didn’t have the heart to test them in the many inches of snow we received.

Now to get this bag to Dubai.

In the making….

Sewing might be the one thing that teaches me an attribute I am not known for. Patience. It takes massive reserves of will-power for me to stop what I am doing and not aim to finish every project in a single setting.

It’s not realistic, it takes some of the fun out, and it ignores the realities of all the other things I do in any given day.

Getting better at the patience thing as a result!

A baby blanket in the making…