My first houseplant

When I moved to Champaign four years ago, L had all of one plant in the house. A tiny Pothos vine, with two leaves in it. I think he’d brought it home in an office plant exchange or something.

I grew up in a veritable jungle by comparison — multiple dozen fruit trees, abundant flowers, more shrubs and plants than I’d ever counted. But this was my first time tending to “my own little home”, and this little pothos became my first project.

I am not nothing if not a prodigious Google-r, and I learned how to propagate these vines.

Rooting cut stems in water really worked for me, and then I started to plant them in potting medium after strong white roots emerged (if you squint at the bottle holding the plant in the second picture, you can see the roots). Obviously, after a couple of successes. now I was hooked. At any given time now, there are a couple vases or old juice bottles that contain pothos cuttings around my home. I re-plant them back into the original planter so that they grow thickly. Though my plant has yet to reach the abundance of a nursery specimen, it hasn’t done too badly given it’s always indoors and has to deal with Champaign winters just like the rest of us.

Four years later, see how the plant has grown. I have two big planters that are my joy and a couple of smaller ones that are very promising.

I cannot get enough of the glossy green color and how it plays with the blue of the planters. Though over the years I now have a few more plants in my home and garden, this is the one closest to my heart.


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