Peace Lilies

I learned about Peace Lilies by clicking on a “Best plants that purify air, according to NASA” or some such gem online (Thank you, Facebook). Don’t understand why NASA bothers with these things, but the plants were beautiful.

Peace lilies remind me of Anthurium flowers but the leaves didn’t look related at all. As luck would have it, I saw someone selling a couple of large and healthy plants at a garage sale and I scooped them up. They’ve been with me a year or so now, but haven’t grown too much in that time. I am careful about not over-watering them, but all signs point to this direction — brown tipped leaves and some yellowing, etc. Perhaps I haven’t found the right spot for them in the house yet.

A third beauty, much bigger (perhaps overcrowded!) joined them a few months ago:


Eventually, I would like to re-pot them and try to propagate these into a few more plants. While I doubt this will be as easy as my experiments with pothos, I think it can be done.

I was in HI a few months ago, and among the many wonders I saw on that trip: I noticed dozens of giant peace lilies growing happily on the Hilo side of the island. There was little to no sun and abundant rain, it reminded me greatly of Wayanad. The lush and green cannot be described, and here were these giant plants growing merrily in that wet, wet landscape. So I guess they *love* water and shade, but it’s the confines of the pot that they dislike. I’ve started misting my plants a lot more after seeing them in their natural tropical habitat.


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