Vegetable Patch – 2016

L and I converted a bare section of our side yard into our first vegetable patch last year. It’s not too big, about 3′ x 10′, I would reckon. After prepping the ground a bit, we lined the rectangle with concrete pavers and a chicken wire to keep nosy squirrels and rabbits out. Until we owned our yard, I always thought bunnies were cute. Now they’re cute troublemakers that like to eat my young plants.

Surprisingly, this little patch took around 20 bags of soil to fill up and compact due to it being a raised bed. After layering a liberal amount of compost in, we were ready to plant. I could think of nothing else but the garden for weeks during this time šŸ™‚

We didn’t want to bite more than we could chew this first time around, so we planted tomatoes (multiple varieties, all saplings), 4 okra plants (from seed), and 4 peppers (multiple variety, saplings again). Unfortunately no pictures of the seeds, saplings or the growing baby plants.

But here they are, all grown and heavy with vegetables.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also had 2 eggplant plants (Black beauty) growing in the deck – which I now feel was too little for the size of that barrel. This year I will be planting at least four plants in there.


At it’s best, the patch looked like this:

Harvesting the cosmonauts (tomatoes), cherry tomatoes, capsicum, habanero and the abundant okra was definitely the highlight of my summer. Learned a lot of lessons too – the importance of full sun, how an okra plant can dwarf me (one grew close to 6′ tall), how hardy these plants really are. It was a great first year of growing things, and I cannot wait for this year’s summer.


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