Propagating Impatiens

Impatiens is supposedly very easy to propagate by cuttings too — I seem to be lucking out with plants of this sort lately. My plant just recently bloomed, I don’t remember this flower being such a dark rich color last year. All the more reason to be taking pictures and recording these details in this blog!

Learned that the stem cuttings don’t need to be rooted in water, and can directly be planted onto the soil. The cuttings are still wilted and a little sad, but it always takes around a week before they perk up.

impatiens bloom

impatiens propagating

The glossiness of these leaves – the picture actually doesn’t do justice to how glossy this plant actually gets in that right beam of sunlight.

flowerimp flower

Updates to come in a few weeks, hopefully in the form of a planter bursting with new flowers and growth.


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