Vegetables: Update

We have merry little seedlings dancing in the Prairie winds.

The first round of seeds had to be trashed, a sad story I will get to later. But for now, here are the fruits of my second attempt.

Chinese long beans/yard beans are the first to shoot up, with 100% germination and strong robust young plants. I will need to provide vertical support very very soon.

Okra is being more cranky than last year, with erratic and slower germination.


Scarlet runner bean — 1 germinated super-quick and the other is yet to emerge! Here’s the first one, already leafing out in tendrils.


Eggplants — these need an epsom salt bath soon.


Finally, my brave adventurers: the gourds. The 2 ridge gourd and 1 bottle gourd seed germinated well, I hardened them off on my deck over a couple of weeks, and planted them in the ground. Only to have them gnawed and chewed up. I rescued them yesterday and they’re back in my deck. Cut off the eaten leaves and am hoping they recover quickly. Out of the 4-5 bitter gourd seeds I planted, only this one made it. The seed coat is too hard for successful germination. This is a common problem, apparently. When I tried to clip one open to help it along, the seed just melted into an awful mush in the soil. So that didn’t work out too well. These plants are in their third home already, and need a lot of luck to make it into the big prolific vines I hope they will turn into.

20170425_20170620170418_182032These were not too happy in the groundIMG_2562



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