Vegetables update

Learning to contain my impatience as I watch plants growing is never easy for me. But the long beans have exceeded expectations, and I am already planning a more permanent spot for them in my garden for the next year.

Early June
5 weeks later

The flowers are bewitching, a pale lavender shade. I’ve also seen a couple bright red flowers on the same plant.

Bitter gourd and ridge gourds are doing well too. The ridge gourd seems to think that vinyl siding is more than sufficient to clamber up on, and is merrily on its way to my roof. The bitter gourd is lush with yellow male flowers that drop the next day. Waiting for the first female flower so I can try my hand at pollinating.


Eggplant — first harvest!


Also these greens that I considered useless and threw away last year, are now part of stews and soups and other deliciousness.

Purslane bordering oleander, chard bordering purslane.
Hyacinth bean (avarekka) in the far left.

Waiting for the first blooms of the hyacinth bean too. Wonder how many birds/butterflies it will attract.

and the vegetable patch from last year is solely for okra now, and greens later in the season:



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