Guest post: Brother, Bangalore, Birds.

Looking outside of my little orbit and my little world, here are some pictures of lovely little birds enjoying a water bath half the world away in my brothers garden in Bangalore.

What joy.

Nothing comes close to the vibrant colors of tropical gardens, all the more arresting to me as we are not out of winters grip here yet.


30-minute pouch

Outer and inner fabrics
Fused with very thick interfacing


Here is where I should have anticipated the raw edges and dealt with it before sewing the zipper on. The interfacing was too thick to manage this on the fly too, which is great for the final product — super sturdy, but was not helpful in the initial step of sewing the zipper on.20180301_215626.jpg

And done.

There will be many more of these handy things being churned out this month, I predict! Also: notice the green, green plants brimming with life. They only have a few more weeks to go now.

Gussetted pouch

Quick weeknight project after dinner that taught me more lessons than I would have thought.

Made a tiny pouch with boxed corners, which were not easy to sew.


  • Serging the ends, especially with synthetic fabrics. My liner was not cotton and would have benefited from the ends being protected. It’s not as robust as it could be.
  • Tiny gussets are tough!
  • Coordinated thread, no matter how small the project or how lazy I am feeling
  • Use a zipper foot to sew as close to the zip as possible. Really makes a difference.
  • Cut and sew on different days so that the above may be practised hehe.

Here are some pics. Much improvements possible, but for a quick hour of practicing with cheap fabric and learning new tricks — I’ll take it.

Synthetic liners are pretty but perhaps ill-advised for quick sewing

Gussets not easy to sew, but I prevailed

Quilted tote

Finally standardizing (and making easier) the process of making totes. I now have a pre-cut pattern and everything!

This one I quilted the outside with a sew-on interfacing. It’s still not as rigid as one might want. Next attempt will be with fusible.