Propagating Impatiens

Impatiens is supposedly very easy to propagate by cuttings too -- I seem to be lucking out with plants of this sort lately. My plant just recently bloomed, I don't remember this flower being such a dark rich color last year. All the more reason to be taking pictures and recording these details in this... Continue Reading →

Propagating Pilea depressa

The delicate stems of this plant grow prolific runners - all they need is potting medium and abundant moisture. I clipped some stems and pressed them into a shallow container, generously misting every couple of days. Hoping for multiple dishes of this beautiful plant in a few weeks, if this first experiment is successful. Fingers... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Patch – 2016

L and I converted a bare section of our side yard into our first vegetable patch last year. It's not too big, about 3' x 10', I would reckon. After prepping the ground a bit, we lined the rectangle with concrete pavers and a chicken wire to keep nosy squirrels and rabbits out. Until we... Continue Reading →

A brief houseplant tour – early 2017

A tour of my modest collection of houseplants so I can record and chronicle their growth. Pothos vines: Tropical hibiscus plant: Banana tree: Peace lilies: Pilea depressa (baby's tears) - newest addition. For such a pretty plant, it has some sad names! My two succulents: have very little hope for these as I don't yet... Continue Reading →

My first houseplant

When I moved to Champaign four years ago, L had all of one plant in the house. A tiny Pothos vine, with two leaves in it. I think he'd brought it home in an office plant exchange or something. I grew up in a veritable jungle by comparison -- multiple dozen fruit trees, abundant flowers,... Continue Reading →

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