Hibiscus tales

So the pruning experiment worked really well with the hibiscus. Many dormant nodes have awakened and there are a multitude of small emerging leaves. Of late I've been noticing the plant didn't take any water though, every watering session ended in an immediate flush of water in the tray below. This usually happens with root-bound... Continue Reading →


Flowers 2017

We are lucky to have beautiful perennials that our home's previous owner tended to so I didn't do much last year by way of flowers. Trying some plants this year though. Nothing better than learning more about plants than buying them and experimenting, so for this year I planted hollyhock bulbs around the front perimeter... Continue Reading →

Vegetables 2017

This year, I plan to have a better planned, more carefully chosen vegetable garden. Candidates include okra, eggplant, bitter melon, yard long beans, and ridge gourd. I've also started radish, swiss chard, spring onions, some microgreens and spinach while Spring lasts. Trying out indoor seed starting with grow lights for the first time. In the... Continue Reading →

Oleander Calypso – Arali

Went looking for a Plumeria/Frangipani and came home with this beauty instead. So common in Madras, and an apparent staple along highways here in the US. It certainly won't grow to tree lengths here in my home, but that's fine. Onward to more happy indoor tropicals! With the first blossoms:

Propagating Impatiens

Impatiens is supposedly very easy to propagate by cuttings too -- I seem to be lucking out with plants of this sort lately. My plant just recently bloomed, I don't remember this flower being such a dark rich color last year. All the more reason to be taking pictures and recording these details in this... Continue Reading →

Propagating Pilea depressa

The delicate stems of this plant grow prolific runners - all they need is potting medium and abundant moisture. I clipped some stems and pressed them into a shallow container, generously misting every couple of days. Hoping for multiple dishes of this beautiful plant in a few weeks, if this first experiment is successful. Fingers... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Patch – 2016

L and I converted a bare section of our side yard into our first vegetable patch last year. It's not too big, about 3' x 10', I would reckon. After prepping the ground a bit, we lined the rectangle with concrete pavers and a chicken wire to keep nosy squirrels and rabbits out. Until we... Continue Reading →

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