Summer flowers


Vegetables update

Learning to contain my impatience as I watch plants growing is never easy for me. But the long beans have exceeded expectations, and I am already planning a more permanent spot for them in my garden for the next year. The flowers are bewitching, a pale lavender shade. I've also seen a couple bright red... Continue Reading →

Rabbits, Deer and other troublesome things.

I've had coneflowers, coreopsis bitten off this year already. Last week, L and I erected cages around coneflowers, only to find them eaten despite being encased. Lily bulbs have not only been gnawed, but are entirely missing so¬† groundhogs/squirrels I expect. Have to try a mixture of sprays as well as planting deterrent plants. Not... Continue Reading →

Flowers: A joy

The flower seeds I wrote about last time didn't all pan out, another story for another day. Here's some pictures of those that did. Old faithfuls from last years garden first: The knock-out rose Not a knock-out, not sure what yet. The gorgeous, overgrown yellow iris Peach daylilies, will bloom anytime now -- so tall!... Continue Reading →

Vegetables: Update

We have merry little seedlings dancing in the Prairie winds. The first round of seeds had to be trashed, a sad story I will get to later. But for now, here are the fruits of my second attempt. Chinese long beans/yard beans are the first to shoot up, with 100% germination and strong robust young... Continue Reading →

Hibiscus tales

So the pruning experiment worked really well with the hibiscus. Many dormant nodes have awakened and there are a multitude of small emerging leaves. Of late I've been noticing the plant didn't take any water though, every watering session ended in an immediate flush of water in the tray below. This usually happens with root-bound... Continue Reading →

Flowers 2017

We are lucky to have beautiful perennials that our home's previous owner tended to so I didn't do much last year by way of flowers. Trying some plants this year though. Nothing better than learning more about plants than buying them and experimenting, so for this year I planted hollyhock bulbs around the front perimeter... Continue Reading →

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